Regional Center for Banat Heritage – Concordia

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The Regional Centre for Banat Heritage is envisaged to be an “umbrella institution”, serving as a coordinator in developing common strategy of research, preservation and presentation of the Banat cultural heritage. It also serves as a promoter of a continuous educational improvement. In order to reach its goal, Centre will perform constant research, information update, experts meetings, scientific conferences, courses, lectures, excavations and exhibitions, etc. which will represent integral, continuous and main principles of the Regional Center’s policy.

Exchange of the ideas and knowledge integration in Banat, the region wealthy of material and nonmaterial cultural heritage, will contribute to the creation of the most favorable conditions for presentation of cultural heritage. Centre represents a place where population of Serbian and Romanian Banat can be informed about common cultural heritage and can permanently be up to date with the newest researches and discoveries in this field.  Quality community life can only be achieved by the awareness, understanding, preservation and respect of the cultural heritage of the both nations, for the benefit of the whole population of Banat region. The history of Serbian and Romanian Banat is mutual and the Centre will be responsible for transferring it to the future generations in the best manner.