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Gift for Each Child Donor Conference Held

The Gift for Each Child Donor Conference was held in the City Museum on Monday, 7th September. The conference was organised by the Municipality of Vršac, Vršac City Museum, and the Konkordija Regional Centre for Protection of Banat Cultural Heritage.

Owing to the donations made by: Drugi Oktobar Utility Company, Hemofarm Foundation, e-SMART Systems, STUP Vršac Bus Transport Company, Srbija Hotel, Hiteam Company and Zoka Company, the goal of the donor conference – organisation of a three-day educational excursion for the pupils of Jelena Varjaški School will be completed.

Mr Čedomir Živković, President of Municipality, addressed the guests and thanked the donors. Pointing out that this gift will make about thirty pupils with developmental disabilities happy – among them some children who will go on a school trip for the first time, President expressed special gratitude to the main donors – Hemofarm Foundation and Drugi Oktobar Utility Company, stressing that a complicated organisation is not always necessary, nor a large sum of money, but the desire to do something nice for our neighbours, which is best illustrated by this example. President drew special attention to the considerate example of personal donations made by members of the Hemofarm Board of Directors, Ms Sonja Pejović and Mr Dušan Milutinović.

The guests were then addressed by Miss Aleksandra Panić, Member of Municipal Board for Culture. Miss Panić commended the initiative of the City Museum administration and stated that this was an excellent example of cooperation between the culture and the education departments supported by companies and municipal institutions.

On behalf of the school staff, Mr Dušan Milić, Headmaster of Jelena Varjaški School, thanked the initiators of this humanitarian action as well as the donors on this wonderful gesture of care for the pupils of Jelena Varjaški School.

Among the participants of the programme were: Jana Tomić, 6th grade student of Josif Marinković Music School who played a piece on the guitar; as well as Mila Dobrosavljević, 1st year student of Music Academy, Department of Flute, who played a piece of music accompanied on the keyboards by Jasmina Međo, 4th grade student of the Secondary Music School.

The event was attended by: Mr Jovan Knežević, Head of Municipal Administration; Mr Milucu Živkov, Secretary of Municipal Assembly; members of Municipal Council: Mr Vladimir Stanojev, Ms Marija Kulić and Mr Velizar Vemić; Mr Dušan Milutinović, Hemofarm CFO; Mr Aleksandar Jevremović, Manager of EJ Usluge of Drugi Oktobar Utility Company; Mr Goran Prijović, Director of Traffic of STUP Vršac Transport Company; Mr Branislav Davidov, Technical and Commercial Director of STUP Vršac Transport Company, Mr Aleksandar Kampfer, General Manager of Srbija Hotel; Ms Alena Pajić, representing Hemofarm Foundation; Ms Olgica Šinković, Headmistress of Josif Marinković Music School; and other distinguished guests.